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When investing a large amount of funds in the cyclical Auckland property market it has proven lucrative to understand the Property Cycle. Cyclically sensible investing strategies can then be made that literally multiply your profits and empower confident decisions to be made based on a clear view of the unfolding Property Cycles progression.

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Before investing millions of dollars in the cyclical Auckland property market it makes sense to consider the cyclic nature of the market. This empowers cyclically aware strategies to be employed and confident property decisions to be made.

In January 2002 TellMeTheTime ® founder Kieran Trass publicly called the epic NZ property boom of 2002-07. This was the commencement of many accurate calls made about the property markets direction and trends. Calls based on the unique TellMeTheTime ® methodology which has been used in New Zealand since 2001 and property markets across Canada since 2010.

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Kieran Trass

kieran trass


TellMeTheTime ® founder  Kieran Trass has decades of experience in finance and real estate. He commenced investing in property in 1987 then invested much time in the 1990’s researching the concept of the Property Cycle. This culminated in developing the TellMeTheTime ® methodology for analysing Property Cycles in 2001. For the last 2 decades the TellMeTheTime ® methodology has been utilised internationally to accelerate wealth creation through property investing.

Dubbed “that property guy” by Sir Bill English.
Aka “Mr Property Cycle”.

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