Disclaimer & No Redistribution & Refund Policies

All prospective clients must agree to TellMeTheTime’s Disclaimer, No Redistribution and Refund policies


Please read these Terms and Conditions very carefully;


TellMeTheTime and/or any of its appointed representatives are NOT FINANCIAL ADVISORS or ECONOMISTS and no information provided in any form whatsoever is to be deemed to be financial advice, nor is it to be considered to be such nor is it to be relied upon by you to make any financial decisions. Whilst care and reasonable effort has been made to ensure the material and/or data, and/or information, and/or interpretation, and/or opinions, and/or forecasts provided or made available to website visitors or subscribers to any free or paid services provided by, Tell Me The Time Ltd, and/or any of its appointed representatives, are current and accurate based on our research and opinions Tell Me The Time Ltd, and/or any of its appointed representatives, do not warrant the validity, accuracy or completeness of material, and/or data, and/or information and/or interpretation, and/or opinions, and/or forecasts provided in any form whatsoever, to the full extent not prohibited by law, and excludes all loss or damage in any form whatsoever arising in connection with the provided material, and/or data, and/or information, and/or interpretation, and/or opinions, and/or forecasts.
We highly recommend you seek relevant professional investment, legal, accounting and any other appropriate advice before making any property and/or related decisions.

THE REDISTRIBUTION OR SHARING OF ANY MATERIAL OR INFORMATION OR FORECASTS PROVIDED IN ANY FORM IS NOT PERMITTED. We take the confidentiality, and value to our clients, of our research very seriously and to preserve and maintain that confidentiality and value for our clients we rigorously enforce our No Redistribution policy and may do so to the full extent permitted by the law. ALL clients and/or representatives of TellMeTheTime Ltd are PROHIBITED FROM SHARING OR COMMENTING IN ANY FORM WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING ON SOCIAL MEDIA, TO OR IN ANY MEDIA WHATSOEVER (either verbally or non-verbally, directly or indirectly) including (but not limited to) sharing any login details or any images from TellMeTheTime and/or it’s representatives or any of TellMeTheTime’s specific Property Cycle and/or property market research findings, analysis, statistics, insights, Property Cycle Clock time/s, methodology, forecasts or any other information or material provided that is accessible by you.

This NO REDISTRIBUTION POLICY is binding on all clients and remains in force perpetually (i.e. it also applies after your membership/subscription expires or is cancelled).


Due to the informative nature of the services provided, being information imparted to the client in no small part immediately accessible to the client upon purchasing the services, the issue of refunds is a challenging one so we have clarified our refund policy as follows:

  1. Any signup fee paid by you is non refundable as it covers the cost of establishing your subscription, or membership, and granting you access to information provided.
  2. Any term commitment you make at the outset is binding for your agreed minimum term however consideration may be given to a partial refund of any unused portion of subscription or membership depending upon the circumstances surrounding the cancellation and when required to do so by law.  
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