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When investing Millions of Dollars in a cyclical market it pays to understand that cycle… or leverage off someone else who does.

Benefit from the support of New Zealand’s leading property cycle authority as your sesoned investor/mentor with decades of experience.

Offering you EITHER personalised VIP 1-ON-1 property mentoring (subject to availability) OR monthly Zoom property mentoring for rich cycle insights that you can learn once and profit from for a lifetime. Discover the latest ‘windows of opportunity’ in the Auckland property market plus how to analyse the market to become your own expert and much more.

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Plus access to NZ’s most comprehensive Property Cycle online video library (100+ insightful videos)

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Kieran Trass – Author and Experienced Property Mentor aka “the property mentors mentor”, accomplished real estate investor for over two decades.

Now Kieran can* be your 1-ON-1 property mentor and work with you personally to source, qualify and negotiate your next property investment.
*Subject to availability – To ensure you receive the very best service and rapid results Kieran only works with a few clients at a time.


“The most powerful thing I learned from you was understanding the property cycle. You taught me how to understand the property cycle is the key to investing. As a result of your input I now work only because I want to.” –

William Watson

“The quantum of relevant and timely information gave us confidence in our decision-making especially in an environment where there are so many conflicting messages in the media.”-


“As investors we get lost in the cycle of the moment investing is about discipline and keeping perspective about the past in the future and making property decisions.”


“I feel self-assured when buying properties because of the broad knowledge I gained. A great wealth of information that most likely save me costly property life lessons. Quality information that I could apply to real-world applications delivered with a genuine desire to see me do well. I now have a very profitable cash flow rental portfolio!” –


“Gave me an understanding of property cycles resulting in extraordinary result I now have complete financial freedom in a network of over $100 million to date!”


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