Grow RICHER with the Property Cycle (Book Released 2023)


The definitive property cycle reference guide by property cycle author Kieran Trass. Discover the secrets of the real estate cycle you can profit from.


In this definitive reference guide, Kieran Trass shares his proven strategies, accumulated over decades of experience as a successful investor and keen observer of property cycles.

When it comes to investing hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in the cyclical property market, knowledge is power. Give your clients a comprehensive understanding of the property cycle like never before.

Unparalleled depth of research, analysis, and cutting-edge insights are found within these pages.

This book is a goldmine for property investors, offering unique knowledge that can redefine investment results.

Offering innovative approaches to enhance property investment outcomes. Uncover the secrets that will set you apart from the competition and propel your success to new heights.

This highly anticipated edition is the long-awaited updated version of the timeless bestseller, “Grow Rich With The Property Cycle” (Penguin 2004). The original edition revolutionised the industry, selling over 10,000 copies in New Zealand and thousands more worldwide. With the out-of-print status, copies have been listed on Amazon’s second-hand market for as much as $1,200 USD.

This new edition features updated material with 20 years more trend analysis, fresh insights, and additional content that delves into the ever-evolving property cycle landscape.

Here’s what your clients will discover in this game-changing book:

Dive deep into several Auckland property cycles, dating back to 1992, through a captivating ‘test case study’ of the Auckland property cycle accompanied by easy-to-understand colour graphs.

Gain valuable interpretation and commentary on recent ‘Black Swan’ events, such as the GFC and Covid pandemic, and leverage these insights to navigate the future with confidence.

Say goodbye to being influenced or confused by misleading media headlines about the housing market.

Anticipate the impacts of “black swan” events on the property market and seize the opportunities they present.

Embrace the art of timing in property investment and learn how to leverage it for maximum gains.

Gain a comprehensive overview of property cycles in NZ, USA, UK, and Australia since 1980.

Uncover the cyclically repeating patterns and the three crucial stages within each phase of the property cycle.

Master the art of making money during booms and slumps alike.

Become a cyclically synchronised property investor, staying ahead of the game.

Discover how legislative amendments impact the property cycle and leverage this knowledge to your advantage.

Unveil the real estate investment strategies tailored to each phase of the property cycle.

Differentiate between the true drivers of the property cycle and mere market influencers that cloud perception.

Learn why market influencers are ‘best friends’ of property investors.

Explore the ‘property secret’ that underpins property values.

Understand the predictability of the property cycle and leverage this insight to advantage.

Safeguard against mortgage interest rate risks with the concept of ‘interest rate averaging.’

Develop the ability to recognise a looming boom or slump before it arrives.

Grasp the nuances of the finance cycle and how it interplays with property cycles.

Thrive throughout the entire property cycle, equipped with the knowledge to weather any storm.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

This book is an absolute must-read for anyone serious about profiting from real estate and gaining an unbeatable knowledge advantage through a comprehensive understanding of the property cycle.

Join the ranks of those who have praised Kieran Trass’ original book:

“An excellent and enlightening read. This book clarifies the confusion surrounding real estate cycles. It’s now one of my Top 5 Must-Read Books for every real estate investor.” – JulzB, Amazon.ca

“A great book that offers a unique and very interesting view into the subject. I recommend it to anyone with an interest in property investing.” – Alan Longbon

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